Toddler Tuesday: Valentines day activities crafts

With Valentine’s day approaching fast, it’s a great idea to engage your toddler in some crafts activities with this awesome time of the year in mind.

I have tried to locate some nice craft ideas for toddlers, but most are just too hard for a toddler. I keep looking for these ideas on the web and it’s odd how so many ideas are labelled “toddlers” but are actually for older children.

I tried to diligently put together a set of crafting ideas that are actually aware of this age difference.

So here are some ideas for Valentine’s day:

  1. Cut heart shapes out of bubble wrap.
  2. Use coffee filters and shape them into hearts and color them.
  3. Tear up some colored paper and glue pieces into hearts like a mosaic.
  4. Turn a sponge into a heart and use it to stamp hearts everywhere.