3 Unusual Educational Games to Try with Your Kids

It is the duty of every parent to find new and exciting ways to boost their children’s cognitive development. Kids love to play and what you’d want as a parent is to get them playing educational games that will help improve their mental development. The problem, however, is that children find some of these games boring. While you want your kids to learn, you also want to ensure they’re having fun while at it. Hence, I have made this least of 3 unusual educational games that your kids will find exciting and at the same time help their mental growth.

  • Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt game is just what your kids need to boost their cognitive functions. Make a list of items and ask your child to go look for them around the house. It could be to find a round object or an object with a specific color. I personally like this game because it is easy to play and does not require much effort to set up. It can help your kids improve their abilities to identify objects and colors.

  • Jumbo Bananagrams

This is a fun game that will improve your kid’s ability to spell. The game presents a bag stocked with different letters written in square tiles. With these letters, you can get your kids to spell their names, arrange letters in alphabetic order or match letters.

  • Raccoon Rumpus

How would you like to help your kid dress up a cute raccoon? This game presents you with a raccoon, adorable costumes and underwear. The aim of the game is to dress up the raccoon in matching colors. It is a fun game and will help your kids learn to identify and match colors.


These are interesting, easy to play and incredibly educative games that will help your child’s mental development and provide a fun way to bond with your kid. Enjoy!